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You must submit Big Lots job application correctly to the positions open to work at Big Lots here; you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Big Lots job.

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Big Lots Stores, Inc. (abbreviated Big Lots!) is an American retailer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with over 1,400 locations in 47 states. 

Big Lots Job Opportunities

Big Lots works consistently in several countries across the world as a retail chain. Many job seekers can begin their careers by obtaining entry-level work in enjoyable and fast-paced environments in any of over 1400 locations, and then advance to professional careers. People aged 16 and over who are looking for work in the retail industry can go to the nearest Big Lots outlet or fill out an application form online right away. It provides a satisfying work environment for all of its employees, including high basic pay requirements, attractive wage alternatives, paid training opportunities, flexible work hours, and career progression chances.

Maintenance Assistant: Assists maintenance staff with repairs and/or upkeep of machines and related equipment within a Distribution Center. Operates a variety of equipment to perform basic building maintenance tasks. Performs general housekeeping duties as required. 1. Assists maintenance staff with repairs and/or upkeep of machines and related Distribution Center equipment. 2. Monitors, maintains and changes industrial batteries and related equipment used to power material handling equipment. 3. Maintains battery exterior cleanliness, internal water levels and overall condition to specified guidelines. 4. Completes all the necessary documents, logs and records to assure batteries are charged and functioning according to specifications. 5. Serves as fire watch for mechanics performing hot/welding work. 6. Performs seasonal maintenance tasks (e.g., painting, mowing, snow removal) as required. 7. Utilizes forklift to transport pallets from various locations within the Distribution Center to the pallet yard; separates broken and/or damaged pallets for proper disposal. 8. May operate trash compactor and/or baler to dispose of and recycle waste materials properly. 9. May operate floor scrubber and floor stripper. 10. Exhibits reasonable care and operation of powered material handling equipment. 11. Performs all work within established safety guidelines.

Shift Shipping Material Handler: Utilizes computer screen, RF terminals, distribution labels or hard copy reports to process merchandise with the aid of manual and/or powered material handling equipment as directed by DC Supervisor. Receives, stocks, sorts, and distributes merchandise and other inventory for shipment to the stores. 1. Utilizes RF units, scanners, CRTs or hard copy reports to record in an accurate manner the movement of merchandise from the time it is received until it is selected and shipped. 2. Operates various manual and/or powered material handling equipment to transport pallets of merchandise within the distribution center as directed. 3. Moves empty pallets and storage racks as necessary to a specified location and stacks them in a neat and orderly manner. 4. Confirms quantities of merchandise and other inventory to verify the accuracy of the order to be processed. 5. Verifies distribution labels to ensure coordination with the order to be processed. 6. Sorts, separates and labels units of merchandise and inventory to be processed. Places on pallets or conveyor lines as appropriate for distribution to the stores. 7. Utilizes CRTs or hard copy reports to process damaged and/or salvageable merchandise as directed. 8. Monitors sort induction lines to ensure accurate scanning of distribution labels and effective processing of merchandise. 9. Loads pallets or hand stacks cartons in trailers according to store delivery schedule and door assignments for shipment to the stores. 10. Audits, verifies and completes a variety of production paperwork to ensure accuracy and completeness of orders. 11. Performs semi-routine duties where some judgment is required. Work is performed under defined and uniform procedures. 12. Exhibits reasonable care and operation of material handling equipment. 13. Handles and stacks merchandise in such a way to prevent damage to merchandise and/or prevent unsafe and unstable loads. 14. Performs general housekeeping duties within the department and assigned designated areas to ensure a safe and appropriate working environment. 15. Maintains the integrity of our Mission, Vision and Values statement while performing daily job duties.

How to Apply for Big Lots Jobs

You can view all job postings in the department by accessing the company’s official career page.

There will surely be a position suitable for you in more than 20.

Use the link below and complete your application by choosing the appropriate open position.


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