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You must submit Caribbean Airlines job application correctly to the positions that are open to work at Caribbean Airlines. Here you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Caribbean Airlines job.

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Caribbean Airlines Limited is Trinidad & Tobago’s state-owned airline and flag carrier. The airline also serves as the national carrier of Jamaica and Guyana. The airline, headquartered in Piarco’s Iere House, conducts flights to the Caribbean, North America, and South America from its base at Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport. Caribbean Airlines currently employs over 1,700 employees and is the Caribbean’s largest airline. The slogan of the company is The Warmth of the Islands.

Caribbean Airlines Positions & Salaries

You can find out how much Caribbean Airlines pay its employees and how much they earn hourly. We’ve also compiled important information you should know before applying for Caribbean Airlines.

You can also find information such as what are the qualifications required for the relevant position, which mandatory requirements you must fulfill, what should be the graduation degree.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for most entry-level or part-time Caribbean Airlines jobs. Full-time skilled or technical jobs, such as piloting, necessitate higher certifications. For customer service positions, at least three years of experience is recommended.

Customer Representative

Ticket agents are typically in charge of making bookings and canceling tickets, as well as informing passengers of any delays or cancellations. They greet guests, help them, apply stickers, and inspect their bags. Ticket agents, like the others, must be familiar with airports and safety laws, and they must be attentive in the event of an emergency. A ticket agent makes between $12.00 and $20,00 per hour.

Reservations Agent

People in the job of Reservations Supervisor are in charge of reporting on their work. You should endeavor to provide the essential support after booking and ticketing in order to boost Caribbean Airlines’ sales. During this procedure, you should provide assistance not only to passengers, but also to travel agents and train stations.

One of your primary responsibilities will be to optimize the usage of airplane space. It is also your responsibility to market all of the company’s items to clients. You should improve your profits by meeting the sales and call targets set by business management.

Baggage Handler

To be able to stand for lengthy periods of time and load and unload luggage from flights, baggage handlers must be in good physical condition. Employees may also be called upon to assist passengers on occasion. Pay for a luggage handler ranges from $9 to $18 an hour.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are often responsible for providing service to guests on board. They are in charge of handling the passengers’ checked luggage, as well as ensuring that they are properly seated and informed of any safety restrictions that may apply.

Workers are required to have a vertical arm reach of at least 212 cm in order to access the overhead luggage. Furthermore, hiring managers value candidates who are fluent in more than one language. Between $12 and $22 an hour, flight attendants can expect to make.

Custom Clerk

The Customs Clerk II will report to the General Manager, Procurement.  The successful candidate will be a licensed Customs Clerk Grade II professional and will ensure proper and efficient clearing of the company’s shipments to meet the organisation’s needs and in accordance with Customs & Excise Regulations.  He/she ensures that materials are removed from the Bonded Warehouse into Stores to prevent materials stockouts.  He/she also provides customs & shipping resources as required.


  • Ensures that materials required on a critical and AOG basis are appropriately handled.
  • Ensures aircraft components are well packed for shipping to prevent damage during transportation
  • Prepares Shipping, Customs, Bank and Exchange control documents, including warehousing entries for Duty-Free Goods, in accordance with T & T Customs Regulation for clearance and shipment of company engineering, advertising and other stores.
  • Examines and clears all company materials and supplies required for supporting the organisation.
  • Ensures the correct addressing and labelling of materials for shipping, including dangerous goods.
  • Transfers High Duty goods to and from Duty-Free Shop, Cargo or Retail.

How do I apply for a job at Caribbean Airlines?

If you could not find what you are looking for among the job postings listed above, you can reach all the postings with the link below. What you need to do to apply is quite simple.

Click on the position you are interested in and click on the “Login to Apply” button on the page that opens.

If you do not have a membership, click the “Register” heading to create a membership and complete your application.

That is all. If you have submitted your application, Caribbean Airlines human resources is under review to your application .

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