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Chevron is considered as one of the largest integrated energy producers in the United States. At Chevron, there are a number of employment opportunities offered to students, entry level employees, and professionals. The chain is mostly focused on corporate jobs to the gas station level, where job seekers are able to find a wide variety of job opportunities.

Chevron Job Opportunities

Chevron has more than 8,000 locations all over the country. Plentiful opportunities are offered to new associates at Chevron. Customer service positions are available to entry level associates while it is also possible for entry level workers to lead to managerial positions through time. Customer service associates are mainly responsible for greeting customers, taking payments, and ensuring gas pumps. And they usually work at service stations and in retail locations. To be able to gain employment at Chevron, employees are not required to possess more than minimal hiring requirements, which include having a high school diploma.

At Chevron, employees are expected to be kind, courteous, and energetic. These qualities prove to be advantageous during the hiring process. Those who are interested in applying for a managerial position are expected to have additional experience. Having a previous supervisory experience in a range of fields, including hospitality, retail, and food services prove to be advantageous during the hiring process for managerial positions. Managers are mainly responsible for administrative roles within the company, which include staffing and ordering merchandise. Moreover, managers are also expected to have additional certifications and schooling besides the initial hiring requirements.

Chevron Positions and Salary Information

To be able to gain employment at Chevron, applicants are required to be at least 18 years old. Those who possess an upbeat attitude, strong interpersonal skills, and problem-solving abilities have advantage over the other candidates during the hiring process. You can find the necessary information about the positions offered by the company below:

Customer Service Representative – A customer service representative at Chevron is mainly responsible for contacting with guests who enter a retail establishment. Moreover, customer service representatives are responsible for preparing food and drinks, cleaning, stocking, and maintaining merchandise, associates must also take various forms of payment and properly utilize POS systems daily. In addition, it is also essential for customer service representatives to be able to work flexible schedules. Applicants who are interested in applying for this position should be aware that they may have to perform manual labor such as bending, twisting, and lifting. It is essential for this position to work unsupervised in a fast-paced environment with regularity. This position is available both as part-time and full-time. It may also be needed to work nights, weekends, and some holidays. When it comes to the salary, customer service representatives usually earn $9.00 per hour in the beginning.

Management – Being an upper level position, manager title requires employees to achieve company objectives with regularity, implement corporate policies and procedures. Moreover, it is also important for managers to maintain positive company image. In addition to these, managers are also expected to staff, schedule, merchandise, and implement promotions thoroughly and with some regularity. Managers may sometimes be asked to handle customer complaints, control inventory, analyze sales, check deliveries, and control all vendors and audits accordingly. During some seasons, managers may be asked to work longer shifts in order to fill in the positions of missing subordinate employees. When it comes to the salary, managers usually earn $40.000 per year.

Work Facts of Chevron

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old

Chevron Working Hours

  • Hours vary by location

Open Positions: Gas Station Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Assistant Manager, Manager, Technical Assistant, Finance Business Analyst, Reservoir Quality Specialist, Quality Assurance Analyst, Project Manager, Pricing Specialist, Petroleum Engineer, Operations Specialist, Office Assistant, Health Environmental Safety Specialist

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