Dollar General Manager

Job Description & Interview for Dollar General Manager

Job Description and Duties

Management position has three similar job types which are the lead sales associate, assistant manager, and store. Supervision of other entry-level workers, assisting in the hiring, control retail process and customer satisfaction duties are all three’s responsibility. But assistant manager and other manager positions also, pick up customers’ telephones, organize working schedules and remain communication in Dollar General corporate office. The company provides some orientation training program which lasts one week.Dollar General Manager

Salary and Compensation

Jobseekers who are at least 18 years old can apply for management jobs at Dollar General.(extra info, bubilgileri vermiyoruz) Manager positions are generally full-time. Sometimes, it shifts four to five days. Lead sales associates’ hourly pay rates start at $9.00. Assistant manager and manager pay scales are around between $25,000 and $38,000, yearly. For an hourly pay rate is nearly between $12.00 and $18.00. Paying rate can rise depending on experience and time spending with Dollar General. The company provides management workers with opportunities of 401(k) benefits, financial and medical issues, insurance options…


Question: Describe job title and main duties, please.

Answer: I was a store/shift manager at Dollar General. Organizing schedules, control employees, maintaining of the store and estimate customers’ needs.

Question: Please, tell us your favorite part of the job at Dollar General.

Answer: I love the time when trucks come to store. It is nearly at four a.m. The products come into the store then, I start organizing them. The day trucks come, I can leave more early at work.

Question: What is the typical day of workers at Dollar General?

Answer: For managers, Dollar General days are calm. If there is a problem, it is solved without growth. The manager generally too busy because of so many works. Management department employee is working at least as much as the sales associate. That is to say, time is passing very fast and busy.

Question: Please, describe your application and interview process.

Answer: At first, it was a paper interview. Area director and I met at a store which was one of the stores of the area director in downtown. My opinion was good because they are a local store. I had to go through three varied interviews due to management. They passed fluently. They asked me huge questions as it is hard to know that jobseekers skilled enough to carry the business when you give someone the keys of business. In short, the process of interview was dense, but it was good.

Question: During the job interview, what questions did the interviewer ask?

Answer: They asked me questions about my previous experiences, my education, my criminal background, how coping with high-pressure sales. They trying to know that I am trustworthy or I can take responsibility. The most important way to put it is they’re looking for people who are able to take responsibility.

Question: What are your differences from other jobseekers?

Answer: I have work background, work ethic, and work reputation. I think my reputation helped me too much to get the job because I guess I’m known among the society as a leader, mostly handle with people wishes. They should attach more importance to this.

Question: Do you have another advice to give jobseekers wanting to work at Dollar General?

Answer: Jobseekers should know what work ethic is and they have successful work reputation. Then, they apply to work at Dollar General. The company has taught me a lot of managerial skills. I build my career thanks to Dollar General. At the first, you think that job is not important. Then, you realize that it is something like your part.

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