Dollar General Sales Associate

Job Description & Interview for Dollar General Sales Associate

Job Description and Duties

dollar general sales associateSales Associates at Dollar General have entry-level works are similar to other retail stores. They inform customers about products and also store’s services and policies. Sales Associates duties include greeting customers and responding their questions. Organizing store shelves and making purchases are also under the responsibility of Sales Associates. Lastly, they help cleaning department workers. For example, they clean floors when needed. Dollar General usually provides interactive training program which lasts one week.

Salary and Compensation

Pay for a new Sales Associates at Dollar General starts at minimum wage. Hourly pay scales are near $9.00. Hourly paying can raise up to $11.00 depending on the experience of the employee. Dollar General has many advantages in terms of discounts, services and doing shopping, for their workers. The company provides Sales Associates with opportunities of 401(k) benefits, financial and medical issues. Working location may change hourly pay scale of workers at Dollar General.


Question-1: Describe job title and main duties, please.

Answer-1: My job title is shop staff. I organize the store shelves. Truck brings products to store. Then, we take them from truck and stock the shelves. We carry products to the floor or to a storeroom. Lastly, we do the physical counting.

Question-2: What do you think about the working environment?

Answer-2: I am a social person so, I felt like I am home. But, at first, I could not get oriented. As time goes on, we get on with each other. I enjoy my job.

Question: During the job interview, what questions did the interviewer ask?

Answer: Interviewer asked me if I was married. I told them I had a fiancée. Also, we talked about my transportation, previous jobs and my friends working at Dollar General. But I didn’t know anybody working at here.

Question-3: What are your differences from other jobseekers?

Answer-3: References. I want this job enthusiastically. I assure them I really wanted an employee at Dollar General. Having a car, my previous shopping from here and living close to the store was effective factors. But the key factor is to be a social person. Lastly, my interview dress is clean and tidy.

Question-4: Do you have another advice to give jobseekers wanting to work at Dollar General?

Answer-4: I think they should do practicing of an interview. For example, they should be ready for pre-specified questions. Their dresses look like nice, really nice and proper. They should not be late.

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