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Fazoli’s Job Application Online

Fazoli’s wants to grow up with the employees they will get for different departments. Candidates who want to work at Fazoli’s can apply online or communicate directly with human resources.
You must submit your job application correctly to the positions that are open to work at Fazoli’s. Here you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Fazoli’s job.

Fazoli’s is an Italian-American fast casual restaurant chain headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. It was founded in 1988 and is now owned by Sentinel Capital Partners. As of 2016, there are 217 Fazoli’s located nationwide. The restaurant chain specializes in Italian cuisine and dishes.

Fazoli’s Job Opportunities & Application Process

Fazoli’s is applying for open positions almost every season: it does not require much qualification for some positions, but in many positions experience and quality are at the forefront. Even though the completion level of the graduation is not expected at the entry level, there is a expectation of graduation for higher-level positions requiring proficiency.
If you meet these requirements, you should apply to the relevant position and wait for the result of the application.

Service Associates

Service Associates enjoy meeting new people, interacting directly with Guests and ensuring each Guest has a memorable and enjoyable experience at Fazolis. Service Associates are extra-friendly, smile easily and extend genuine warmth and hospitality to everyone. If a problem arises, Service Associates react quickly to resolve the problem and make things right. Service positions include the following:

  • Cashiers: Greet Guests, recommend meals and add-ons, answer menu questions, process orders, complete payment transactions, guide Guests to the dining room and thank Guests for their business. Cashiers also keep the front counter area clean, neat and stocked.
  • Drive-Thru: Greet drive-thru Guests, recommend meals and add-ons, answer menu questions, process orders, complete payment transactions, ensure order accuracy and thank Guests for their business. Drive-Thru Associates work at a fast-pace in order to meet Guest expectations of the drive-thru experience.
  • Guest Ambassador: Ensures all dining room Guests enjoy a great dining experience. Locate and deliver meals to dining room Guests, fulfill extra service requests from Guests, pre-bus tables, provide bread stick service, assist in maintaining a clean and orderly dining room environment, including the condiment stand, restrooms and drink station.
  • Expeditor: Coordinates kitchen flow so that all products are prepared, cooked, plated and packaged efficiently, accurately and according to Fazolis exact recipe, plating and packaging specifications and standards. Communicates with all Kitchen and Service Associates as needed to ensure products are served hot, fresh, quickly and accurately. Assists the Kitchen Lead, Oven Coordinator, Sandwich Station and Guest Ambassador as needed.

Kitchen Associates

Kitchen Associates enjoy preparing and serving each of Fazoli’s high quality, made-to-order products according to exact recipe specifications and plating procedures. Kitchen Associates ensure every dish looks and tastes great and that all food items and ingredients used have been stored, prepped, held and cooked using the highest standards of food safety and sanitation in every step. Great tasting food prepared quickly and accurately by caring Associates helps ensure each Guest has a memorable and enjoyable experience at Fazoli’s. Kitchen Associates work at a fast pace, pay close attention to details, enjoy working with food and are organized and efficient. Kitchen positions include the following:

  • Kitchen Lead: Operates the steamtable, where a majority of food items originate and are prepared, cooked, plated and served. Stocks and maintains necessary food inventory for each shift, maintains clean and sanitized work area, prepares all dishes according to exact recipe specifications, communicates with Team Members to ensure all Kitchen Associates are coordinated and operating as efficiently as possible. Assists the Oven Coordinator and Sandwich Station as needed.
  • Oven Coordinator: Ensures all dishes requiring heating/cooking in the convection or microwave ovens have been prepared to exact recipe specifications and quality standards. Places products in the oven and removes them when thoroughly heated/cooked, ensuring products are hot, fresh and visually appealing. Delivers final product to the Expeditor for packaging or traying and delivery to drive-thru or dine-in Guests. Assists the Kitchen Lead and Sandwich Station as needed.
  • Sandwich Station: Prepares all sandwiches, salads and pizza products to exact recipe specifications and quality standards. Maintains cleanliness, sanitation and organization of the Sandwich Station as well as product inventory levels to meet business needs.
  • Dishwasher: Cleans and sanitizes all dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, etc. according to company standards and practice. Ensures the dishwashing machine is maintained properly and that the dishwashing area is kept neat, clean and organized. Removes full trash bags and replaces as needed from the dining room and kitchen, transporting trash from the restaurant to the dumpster as directed by management.

Food Preparation: Prepares products to pre-established inventory level as directed by management, ensuring each product is prepared to exact recipe specifications and quality standards. Ensures each prep item is properly tagged and rotated to ensure quality and freshness and discards expired or poor quality products.

Work Facts of Fazoli’s

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Fazoli’s Working Hours

  • Varies by position and department.

Open Positions:

  • Team Member, Cashier, Hourly Associate, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Financial Analyst, Service Leader, Market Manager, Hourly Manager, Associate Trainer, District Manager, Pasta/Cook Certified Trainer

Fazoli’s Printable Application Form

You can download Fazoli’s printable job applicationf form from the bottom of the page to your device. You must read the job application form carefully and complete the job application. Please note that some companies cannot find the job application form online.
Printable Application PDF/Form: No.

How to Apply Fazoli’s Jobs: Official Site.

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