How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Burger King?

With over 18,500 locations around the world, there is bound to be a Burger King near you!

However, applying for a new job can be stressful, and you may have many questions about the procedure. How easy is it to find work there?

Can you make a living at Burger King?

Alternatively, how old do you have to be to work at Burger King?

Now is the time to learn everything there is to know!

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Burger King’s History

Burger King first opened its doors in 1954 in Jacksonville, Florida, but under a different name! The first few locations were dubbed Insta-Burger King, after their unique kitchen device, the Insta-Broiler.
In 1959, the company was profitable enough to launch a franchise operation, initially in Miami, Florida. The infamous name Burger King was established during this time, and the company began a massive expansion of 250 restaurants in eight years!

Burger King has survived multiple sales and a rollercoaster of financial gains and losses since then. 3G Capital, which also owns the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, now owns it. The chain has over 11 million customers worldwide and is well-known for its famous Whopper burger.

Jobs at Burger King

Burger King offers a wide range of employment opportunities. So you’re sure to find one that appeals to you! Team members operate the cash machine, serve customers directly, and prepare food and beverages for them. Delivery drivers not only deliver food to customers, but they also help with food and drink preparation.

The team is managed by the Assistant and General Managers, who are also in charge of keeping the restaurant running smoothly. They will be the ones conducting your interview and making sure you are trained.

The Hourly Shift Coordinator manages the Team Members and leads the shifts within the restaurant. They are in charge of increasing profits through sales and assisting managers.

Burger King Hiring Requirements (Age)

As with many other job opportunities, the age requirements vary by state. However, the minimum age to work at Burger King is 16. This will allow you to take on an entry-level position; however, you must be 18 or older to apply for a manager position.

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How Do You Apply?

Burger King’s hiring procedure is straightforward. Because the company is focused on attracting quality employees, you will still need to shine in order to advance to the next stage. To begin, you can access an application form on their website; if this is not available, your local store should have some printed out for you to pick up.

The qualifications required to apply for an entry-level position within the company are very low, but an overall positive attitude is required, so make sure that comes across in your application. They are looking for hardworking, responsible people who can establish rapport with their customers.

When you first visit the Burger King careers page, you will be asked to choose the position you are interested in, and once that is done, you will be asked to choose the city in which you want to work. You will then be directed to a list of available jobs.

The application is simple; you will be asked for some basic personal information and will be asked to upload your resume. It’s as simple as that!

Making A Resume

To apply for a position at Burger King, you must upload your resume, so here are some pointers on how to write the perfect resume:

  • Choose a resume template. There are millions of resume templates available, but avoid anything too flashy. Bright colors and bubble text are not the most professional and will take attention away from your achievements.
  • The rule of two pages! A resume should not be more than two pages long. Employers want a concise summary of your experience and skills, not your entire life story.
  • Make a point of emphasizing work experiences that are relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Include any volunteer or internship work that you have done. You can learn a lot of skills by volunteering, so make sure to bring them to the attention of your potential employer.
  • Check your resume for errors! Nothing is more embarrassing than claiming to be detail-oriented while making spelling and grammatical errors throughout your resume. Check twice before submitting!
  • Check that you have a valid email address.

Burger King Wages

Burger King employees are paid either by the hour or by salary. The hourly wage ranges from $7.83 to $13.10 per hour. This is determined by your experience and position. The average hourly wage is approximately $9.62. Burger King employees earn an average annual salary of $25,350, with salaries ranging from $21,599 to $36,108.

Developing Your Career at Burger King

When looking for a job, investing in your career development is important; it also demonstrates how a company treats its employees. Your work environment will be more enjoyable if they are invested in your training and future within the company, as opposed to companies that see you as replaceable.
The majority of Burger King restaurant managers began their careers in entry-level positions and worked their way up. Furthermore, with so many restaurants in the United States, there is plenty of opportunity to relocate to different states.

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There are numerous advantages to working at Burger King, and because there are so many locations, there are also numerous opportunities!

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Best wishes while working at Burger King!

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