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Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Job Application Online

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken wants to grow up with the employees they will get for different departments. Candidates who want to work at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken can apply online or communicate directly with human resources.
You must submit your job application correctly to the positions that are open to work at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. Here you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken job.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is a casual dining franchise founded in 1966 specializing in chicken, homestyle sides, and biscuits. There are currently 142 Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken locations in 13 states across America.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Job Opportunities & Application Process

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken is applying for open positions almost every season: it does not require much qualification for some positions, but in many positions experience and quality are at the forefront. Even though the completion level of the graduation is not expected at the entry level, there is a expectation of graduation for higher-level positions requiring proficiency.
If you meet these requirements, you should apply to the relevant position and wait for the result of the application.

Crew Member – This is an entry level position which requires employees to carry out entry level duties which include order taking, cash handling, food preparation, and housekeeping. Employees at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken are expected to cook chicken according to the company recipe. Moreover, it is also essential for them to ensure the accuracy of customer orders. Crew members interact with customers regularly. So, it proves to be advantageous during the hiring process to demonstrate hospitable personalities and the tendency for hard work. When it comes to the salary, crew members usually earn the minimum wage at the beginning but this amount can be increased through time, experience, and hard work.

Management – In order to achieve the companywide goals of the restaurant chain, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken regularly hires individuals in management positions. The restaurant chain is looking for managers who are talented and hardworking. Managers are expected to train new workers efficiently, increase sales and profits. In addition, it stands essential for managers to maintain high standards of food quality and customer service. Applicants who are interested in applying for a management position are expected to know how to control typical restaurant expenses such as payroll, and inventory costs. To be able to gain employment as a manager at Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, applicants are required to have high school diplomas and previous management experience. When it comes to the salary, managers are paid between $20,000 and $40,000 per year, which totally depends on job title and the location of the restaurant.

Work Facts of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

Age Requirement:

  • 16 years old

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Working Hours

  • Varies by position and department.

Open Positions: Team Member, Cashier, Cook, Server, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Printable Application Form

You can download Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken printable job application form from the bottom of the page to your device. You must read the job application form carefully and complete the job application. Please note that some companies cannot find the job application form online.

Printable Application PDF/Form: Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Application

How to Apply Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Jobs: visit Official site.

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