Walmart OGP Associate Job Description

In this essay, we investigate the topics covered in the job description for the Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) associate position at Walmart.

You will have an understanding of the work that the Walmart OGP associate is responsible for, including the primary responsibilities, obligations, and tasks that they complete.

You will also find out the qualifications for being hired as an OGP associate, as well as the income that is anticipated for the work. In addition, you will learn this information.

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What Exactly Does an OGP Associate at Walmart Do?

Food goods ordered by customers through Walmart’s online grocery pickup must be restocked after being ordered, received, and reordered by an associate of Walmart’s online grocery pickup department.

They guarantee that the customer will be happy with the service they give by providing a fast and accurate order, securely delivering the order, and assuring the customer’s happiness.

They keep detailed records that include a packaging list, itemized receipts, and order forms that are utilized to fulfill client requests. These records are used to fulfill orders.

The job description for an OGP associate at Walmart includes the responsibility of keeping a clean and stocked cooler at all times to supply fresh food items to consumers when they make a request for them.

In addition to that, it requires always keeping the order area clean and tidy.

The OGP associate at Walmart is responsible for keeping the back stock room neat and tidy to facilitate smooth operations.

They carry out any clerical tasks that have been delegated to them, such as verifying the name and address of customers, receiving deliveries, and stocking shelves with various products.

By phoning the customer, they keep the consumer updated on the status of the order and provide an estimate of when it will be delivered.

The Walmart OGP is responsible for a variety of tasks, including providing assistance to customers who have problems with ordering and customer support.

They offer assistance to consumers as they choose things from the store’s inventory.

They are responsible for providing responses to inquiries regarding the availability of products and changes in pricing.

They are willing to accept returns and exchanges, during which they will unwrap the customer’s purchase and process their request accordingly.

The worker who works with online grocery pickup is responsible for replenishing the merchandise on the shelves located throughout the store as well as transporting items from the backroom or stockroom to the front of the shop.

They are also responsible for collecting payments from consumers, maintaining cash management, and deposit control, as well as placing product orders, and stocking inventory by the manager’s instructions and requests, respectively.

They exercise extreme caution when handling the money of their customers and adhere to all of the safe work procedures that are required in their respective areas of responsibility.

As an associate for Walmart’s online grocery pickup service, you are responsible for providing excellent customer service, maintaining the authenticity of products and prices, and finishing all responsibilities by the right shift time or the date that has been allocated to you.

To ensure that the job being done is accurate, the OGP colleague is required to keep a constant watch over the clock.

They need to be ready to provide assistance to the store manager or any other representative of the business in carrying out all of the responsibilities associated with the function of that specific shift if an emergency occurs.

They are also responsible for the visual merchandising of the store and perform first aid when it is necessary.

They perform temperature checks on frozen food items at the beginning of each shift to ensure that they are being stored and prepared appropriately, which helps to ensure that the quality of the food is not compromised.

Job Description for an OGP Associate at Walmart Sample / Template

The following are the duties, responsibilities, and tasks that are included in the job description for the Walmart online grocery pickup associate position:

  • You can place your grocery orders on or using one of their mobile apps.
  • You can pick up any things you’ve ordered at your neighborhood shop.
  • Customers who have placed orders via the internet should be provided with customer assistance.
  • Perform duties as a cashier at various stores.
  • Ensure that Walmart’s inventory includes all of the products it sells.
  • Always abide by the policies and procedures of the company.
  • Carry out administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, and so on.
  • Maintain constant communication with your consumers regarding the status of their orders and any modifications that may occur.
  • Help load goods onto trucks and provide assistance when needed
  • Respond to the inquiries and concerns of the clients and offer support to them.
  • When it’s time, replenish the shelves again.
  • Obtain monetary contributions from patrons.
  • Respond to incoming calls and take down any messages
  • Carry out any further related tasks that may be allocated.

The Job Description for the Position of OGP Associate at Walmart

If you have previous experience working as an OGP associate at Walmart or are currently employed in that capacity and are in the process of writing a new resume, then you can use the sample job description that was presented earlier to create an enticing section for your resume titled “Professional Experience.”

When writing the Professional Experience section of your resume, you can use the duties and responsibilities outlined in the example job description for the Walmart OGP associate position that was located above.

This will demonstrate to the recruiter or employer that you have been successful in performing the OGP associate role, which can boost your chances of being hired. This is especially important if the new position that you are looking for requires candidates to have some OGP associate work experience at Walmart or other retailers like Walmart.

The OGP Associate Requirements at Walmart: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Necessary for Professional Advancement

If you are interested in working as an OGP employee for Walmart or any other company that operates similarly, the following are significant prerequisites that you may be needed to meet to be hired:

  • Must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Able to lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds on occasion.
  • Meet legal drinking age requirements
  • Don’t fail the drug test.
  • Conduct a thorough review of your background
  • Required qualifications include a willingness to work a variety of shifts, which may include nights, weekends, or even holidays.
  • The capability of performing well on a pre-employment screening exam
  • Must be able to understand and be willing to comply with all applicable safety laws and regulations.
  • Fluent command of the English language is required.

Walmart OGP Associate Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly income for a Walmart OGP associate is $14, which translates to a yearly salary of $28,000.

Associate salaries at Walmart OGP range from $12 (about $24,000) to $18 (approximately $36,000) per hour.


People who are interested in working as OGP associates at Walmart or other retailers that are comparable to Walmart can benefit from reading this post. They will be able to acquire knowledge regarding the functions, responsibilities, and obligations associated with the role.

Employers and recruiters who are looking to fill the position of an online grocery pickup associate will also find this information beneficial.

They can use the sample job description for the position of Walmart OGP associate that is provided on this page to create one for their own companies to utilize in the recruitment process of those organizations.

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