What do you like to do for fun? – Interview Question

In the end, hiring managers are only human beings. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, emotions and feelings. Personal preferences always play a role in the interviews, and we prefer to recommend individuals with whom we have something in common. Whether it’s an opinion on an important issue, an outlook on work and life, or a shared hobby, we share a passion for something we can discuss at work.

This is one of the reasons why interviewers ask you this question. To determine if they will enjoy conversing with you, sharing an office with you, and possibly engaging in extracurricular activities together. Such activities aid in the development of workplace relationships. However, this is not the only reason they inquire about your hobbies.

What we enjoy doing outside of work reveals much about our personalities and ambition levels. A person who collapses on the couch and turns on the television to watch yet another mainstream Netflix film will not typically bring any unique energy or creativity to the workplace.

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And someone who enjoys getting drunk every Friday (and every Saturday), living only for the weekends, is never that colleague with extra motivation, who inspires others to do their best, and who can take the team, department, or company to the next level.

So, what are some noteworthy pastimes? And what should you refrain from saying? Let’s examine seven examples of responses to this intriguing question. I hope you will find at least one answer that resonates with you on my list, which includes both conventional and unorthodox options.

6 examples of responses to “What do you enjoy doing for fun?” interview question

  1. I greatly enjoy endurance sports, particularly cycling and running. The feelings after a good physical effort, such as reaching the summit of a mountain, are beyond description. It also helps me compensate for the extended periods of time I spend in front of a computer screen. In addition, it is a good prevention against the so-called diseases of civilization. This is my favorite pastime, and I engage in it frequently, almost every day after work.
  2. I enjoy playing with my children the most. Relationships are extremely important to me, and I strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s a lot of fun to play with the children, and it also helps me to switch off, forget about my responsibilities and work for a while, and stay in the moment, having fun, laughing, and spending time with people I care about. Playing with children is a form of mental hygiene for me, if you catch my drift.
  3. I rarely enjoy myself outside of work, to be perfectly honest. It is difficult to care for your mother and your children at the same time. Once my shift ends at work, another one begins at home, and it feels as if I am constantly working. This is precisely why I want to work in a casual restaurant like this one. I am aware that you work hard here, but you are welcome to converse with the guests and are not required to adhere to a strict dress code or be overly serious. Observing the staff here, I can tell they enjoy working together. This location intrigues me greatly.
  4. I enjoy reading books of all types. And because I can find humor in even the most serious writing, and because I enjoy becoming immersed in the story I am reading, I find the activity to be extremely relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, I read primarily in French and Spanish because I am attempting to improve my language skills, thereby connecting the useful with the enjoyable. I am constantly learning, so why not learn while having fun?
  5. I enjoy a wide array of activities. Numerous activities include going to the movies or the theater, drinking wine with a group of friends, playing sports, and listening to good music. Sincerelly, I enjoy having some variety in my life. Additionally, if I engage in a single activity for an extended period of time, it loses some of its appeal. For instance, if I ran every day for a month, I would hate the activity. But when I run twice or three times per week, I look forward to it and thoroughly enjoy it each time. In general, I attempt to lead an active lifestyle. I’m not the type of individual who would sit at home after work and waste time on Instagram or Tinder.
  6. Traveling is my favorite pastime. I attempt to travel every other weekend. In this age of inexpensive flights, it is incredibly simple to travel to new locations without spending a fortune. But for me, it’s not about TripAdvisor’s top 10 things to do in a particular location. I enjoy strolling through the city’s streets, meeting locals, absorbing the city’s atmosphere, consuming local cuisine, etc. This is something I truly enjoy, and it also helps me gain perspective on my life, realizing how fortunate I am to have so many opportunities to work, travel, and enjoy life. It produces feelings of satisfaction and gratitude.

If you value relationships, indicate so in an interview.

Employers recognize that everything is simplified when coworkers have positive relationships. When cooperation triumphs over competition, the results will be evident immediately, and everyone will enjoy going to work more than they did previously.

Therefore, you can use this question to emphasize the significance of relationships to you. Answer No. 2 is a good example (discussing your relationship with your children), as is Answer No. 7, in which the candidate hopes their colleagues will introduce them to new hobbies.

Assure the interviewers that you are neither a lone wolf nor an antisocial individual. You like people, hope to get to know your coworkers, and enjoy their company (if possible in work, and if not possible than outside of it).

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Mentioning various activities increases the likelihood that the interviewers will share some of your interests.

Your interviewer (each member of the panel conducting the interview) also has hobbies. They enjoy doing something for fun, and naturally, they enjoy discussing that activity with someone who also enjoys it.

Sometimes you can deduce the activities that a person enjoys by observing their appearance. For instance, someone who wears a Garmin sports watch is likely to enjoy running or cycling. And if a person is obese and eating peanuts during the interview, they probably enjoy eating while watching television (a popular activity of many Americans).

When you observe something and enjoy doing the same thing (even occasionally), it is imperative that you mention it. But even if you don’t notice anything obvious, listing numerous hobbies will increase your chances of connecting with hiring managers. Refer to example answer number 5 as an illustration.

Television, video games, and even occasional clubbing are acceptable as long as you elaborate on your response.

Saying that you enjoy playing video games for fun is not necessarily a bad response, so long as you explain why you do it (to mentally unwind, to forget your responsibilities for a while) and reassure them that you do not play until midnight every night and that the game is not your life. See example answer number 7 as an illustration.

Even drinking alcohol recreationally is not necessarily a poor response. Look, the majority of team building activities in the business world involve alcohol. You are welcome to play bowling, darts, or laser games with your coworkers. However, you will consume a few beers or shots during the activity and many more after…

This demonstrates that you won’t be a bore in the office and won’t avoid social activities and team building events with your coworkers. As long as drinking is not your only hobby, this is a positive sign for all hiring managers.

Athina Iliadis is a Human Resources Professional with over 25 years’ experience in corporate environments working for companies such as Pearson, LexisNexis, Hershey, and Reckitt. In her current role as a consultant working with clients around the world, she coaches managers and employees on HR issues, supports leaders in their business, produces content about careers, interviews, and job opportunities. She is fluent in English, French and Greek, and she holds a BBA with a major in HR from Université du Québec à Montréal. Find her on LinkedIn and at athinailiadis.com

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