KFC Interview Questions & Answers

Why do you desire employment with KFC? (Explain why you want to work at KFC.)

You should emphasize something that differentiates KFC from McDonald’s, BK, or other competitors. In an ideal scenario, you should recognize something about the company’s brand or working environment, things that made you want to apply. For instance:

I adore the fact that you use real chicken and fresh, high-quality ingredients in your kitchens. There is a noticeable difference in flavor, and I’d rather work for you than for another fast food chain. Heard great things about your employee training program, as well as a friendly and occasionally even enjoyable work environment.

KFC seems like the perfect fit for my outgoing and sociable personality, and I am eager to work there. I’ve been a KFC customer for years, and my interactions with the staff have always been positive. As I search for my first job, this option seems ideal.

KFC Interview Questions & Answers

When are you available? Which days and hours are available?

All part-time employees greatly benefit from KFC’s extremely flexible shift system, which allows them to apply for work only a few days in advance. Nonetheless, you should demonstrate that you have a plan and understand the role this KFC job will play in your current life.

For instance, you attend school and wish to earn extra money. Or you have another job but are struggling to pay your bills and would like to earn extra money on the weekends. You must have a valid reason, and you should plan your weekly schedule accordingly.

Specify to the interviewers at KFC which days of the week you are available to work. This demonstrates your commitment to your application and explains what you expect from the position.

How would you characterize exceptional customer service?

Your definition should correspond as closely as possible to your actual KFC experience. They strive to treat every customer as a friend, with a smile, and they are unconcerned with speed. They prioritize quality. Say that each customer should feel as though they are dining with friends, as if their mother prepared the meal at home.

From the moment they enter the restaurant until they leave, they should feel welcomed, respected, and heard. This is the philosophy you can share with your interviewers, and it is something you will certainly strive to achieve once employed by KFC.

What are your expectations of your coworkers and managers at KFC?

You basically have two viable options for responding to this question. First, you have high expectations for only one individual: yourself. You strive each day to be the best version of yourself, to satisfy each customer, and to assist your coworkers in thriving in the workplace.

Another viable alternative is to state that you expect open and honest communication. You want to improve your work, so the opinions of your coworkers are important to you. In addition, you hope they will give you a chance and welcome you with open arms into the team, as you will be a new force in the company and will not know anyone there.

Are you a member of a team?

Teamwork is essential to the KFC family. Assure the interviewers that you are eager to meet your new coworkers and contribute to the success of a specific KFC restaurant. You can add authenticity to your response by describing a situation from the past that demonstrates your commitment to a team (from school, or another job). For instance, when one of your former coworkers was struggling, you assisted them in regaining their motivation.

Or, you replaced a coworker on a shift when they received a last-minute invitation to a program or event they couldn’t miss. Once you have demonstrated that you are willing to work hard for both customers and coworkers at KFC, you will almost always be hired.

What salary expectations do you have?

Let’s be honest. The majority of KFC employees earn minimum wage or wages close to the minimum wage. This is because no prior experience is required, and the job will be relatively simple after training. You must be practical. If you are unsure of how much you can earn with the position you are applying for at KFC, simply state that you are willing to accept the standard starting salary they offer to everyone in the same position.

You can also say that salary is not a factor in your decision. You appreciate KFC’s employee benefits (training program, flexible shift system, etc.). Depending on the job, etc., meals are provided for free or for $3. Moreover, at this stage in your career, you are primarily seeking experience. You place secondary importance on your salary.

What would you do if a customer complained about the service quality?

Say that you would never engage a customer in an argument. You will carefully listen to their words and attempt to determine the cause of their anger. As a standard KFC Team Member, you are not responsible for handling certain complaints; therefore, you may call a manager to the location.

You can also emphasize your desire to work hard and be cordial with each customer. This way, you sincerely hope to reduce the number of customer complaints and disputes.

Describe something you adore.

Remember that they are interested in you as a person, not just as an employee. People who enjoy calming activities, as well as those who have hobbies and passions, tend to be better employees because they find life-work balance easier and have something to look forward to.

Obviously, you can discuss anything, but you should avoid topics such as getting drunk every Friday and wasting your life on social media. Obviously, the activities that promote health are your top priority. Running, cycling, rollerskating, exercising, and nature hiking are just a few examples of outdoor activities.

Obviously, you can also mention your favorite television show or band. Just make sure they can see that you’re not a bore and that you enjoy your life outside of work, which will help you perform well at your KFC job…

How long do you intend to hold this position?

Be honest. KFC has a very flexible hiring process. They do not object if you wish to work for them only during the summer and possibly return the following year (if situation allows).

If you hope to grow with the company, however, with the goal of becoming a manager one day, or if you hope to one day leave the security of an employee and take a risk by opening your own restaurant, you can say so.

Similar to other large franchises, KFC has an excellent system in place, and working for the company will teach you a great deal about running a successful restaurant. Essentially, they should get the impression that this position with KFC has significance in your life and that you are not applying solely for financial gain.

This is a routine task. What would motivate you to strive for excellence every day?

Again, you have several options for a good response.

  • Say that you prefer repetitive jobs, jobs in which you are not constantly challenged by new tasks. You enjoy having a daily routine, so a repetitive job is ideal for you.
  • Additionally, you can assert that the work is not repetitive. Surely, you perform the same tasks on a daily basis, but new patrons enter the restaurant every day, so many interesting things can occur.
  • The third alternative is to refer to your objectives. You desire to continue your education (earning with KFC is your means of funding your education), so you will remain motivated despite the monotony of the job.

Do you have any questions?

There is no need to press a question. Follow the flow. If you believe your interview went well and you answered all of their questions, you can simply thank them for their time and inquire about the next step.

But if something in the restaurant caught your eye or was unclear (about the training program, shift system, or anything else), you can reference it in your questions.

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