Shoes to Avoid for Interviews

There are certain pairs of shoes you should never wear to an interview for a traditional office position. Shoes that are too trendy or flashy for the occasion include sandals and sneakers.

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You should not wear sandals of any kind to a job interview, regardless of the weather. This applies to sandals, wedges, and any other shoe that reveals the wearer’s feet. It’s best to avoid going barefoot in the office, as you never know when a client or coworker might drop by unexpectedly and it might make them uncomfortable to see you.

Sandals are not appropriate for the business casual atmosphere of most workplaces, so keep them at home if you have an interview.


Although sneakers may seem like a good choice, they are one of the worst types of footwear to wear to a job interview. They make a squeaking noise on shiny office floors and have a casual, unprofessional appearance. The interviewer may become preoccupied with your footwear and form a poor first impression of you because of it.

Trendy Shoes

Don’t wear those super hip shoes to your job interview, no matter how tempting they may be. Do not try to make a fashion statement in your interview attire (unless you are being interviewed by a fashion magazine, of course). Instead, focus on looking polished and professional.

Never wear shoes that draw too much attention to themselves; this includes bright colors or patterns (and may not be appropriate for the company you are interviewing with).

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As with any job interview, it’s best to do some background reading in advance to show that you’ve got what it takes to do well.

How to Answer Interview Questions

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Finally, The shoes you wear to an interview can have a significant impact on how you feel about yourself and the impression you make on your potential employer. Select a pair that serves both practicality and style, but don’t be afraid to take fashion risks.

You are now armed with the knowledge of what shoes women should wear to an interview.

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