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Chicken Express Application Process & Jobs

You must submit Chicken Express job application correctly to the positions open to work at Chicken Express here; you can find out which conditions you need to meet and how to apply for a Chicken Express job.

Chicken Express is a regional fast food restaurant brand based in the South of the United States. Stuart Group Inc., owned by Richard and Nancy Stuart, founded Chicken Express in 1988. In 1988, the first restaurant debuted in Benbrook, Texas. 

Chicken Express Job Opportunities

Chicken Express runs consistently in many countries throughout the world as a quick food restaurant franchise. Many job seekers can begin their careers by obtaining entry-level work in exciting and fast-paced environments in any of more than 200 locations, and then advance to professional careers. People aged 16 and up who are looking for work in the fast food restaurant and service business should go to the nearest store or fill out an application form online at Chicken Express right away. It provides a satisfying work environment for all of its employees, including high basic pay requirements, attractive wage alternatives, paid training opportunities, flexible work hours, and career progression chances.

Crew Members

Typically employed in fast food restaurants, where they are accountable for the preparation of food, the service of customers, and the upkeep of clean environments. Greeting guests, collecting their orders, providing responses to their enquiries, preparing eating rooms, assuring quality control, and cleaning cooking utensils are some examples of the activities that Crew Members are responsible for.


Work in fast-food restaurants where they are responsible for running cooking equipment, preparing food, mixing ingredients, ensuring the quality of the food, maintaining a clean environment in which food is prepared, collecting payment from clients, and serving orders.

Delivery Drivers

Often manage a high volume of orders and must model safe driving practices and provide stellar customer service. They often serve as the intermediary between fast food restaurants or other establishments and their customers, requiring good interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills.

Chicken Express Printable Application Form

You can download the 2-page printable application form via the link below.

Download Chicken Express Application PDF

Make sure you fill out all the information completely.

How to Apply for Chicken Express Jobs

If you prefer to apply online you may visit the “Locations page” to find the store you wish to apply at and use the “Apply Now” link. Once you complete and submit the online application it will go directly to the store manager of that location.

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