Dollar General Cashier

Job Description & Interview for Dollar General Cashier

Cash registration and customer servicing are duties of the cashier at Dollar General. They inform customers about products and direct them to products. Scanning items, completing payments, changing process and packaging are their cash point duties. Also, cashiers at Dollar General work at other departments including delivery, stock, and cleaning department. The company wants cashier to have some physical capabilities. For example, Dollar General company wants job seekers to lift 25 pounds. Also, Cashiers can put up with long working hours.

Salary and Compensation

Pay for a Cashier at Dollar General starts at minimum wage. Hourly pay scales are around between $8.00 and $9.50. Paying rate can rise depending on the experience of the cashier. Working location may affect hourly pay scale of the cashier at Dollar General. The company provides some cashiers with opportunities of 401(k) benefits, paid time off and medical issues. Dollar General cashiers work flexible hours. The company pays workers weekly.


Question-1: Describe job title and main duties, please.

Answer-1: I was a cashier/stock at Dollar General. Primary job is cash registration. The job title is officially, cashier.

Question-2: What do you think about the working environment?

Answer-2: Environment is friendly because a lot of people come to the store and you are in communication with all of them. Cashiers have to do more math. Also, Cashier at Dollar General has knowledge about products. People can ask a lot of question about products such as differences between two products or ingredients of the products.

Question-3: Please, tell us your favorite part of the job at Dollar General.

Answer-3: Interaction with customers. We are all human therefore, I have a lot of fun communicating and meeting new people.

Question-4: What is the typical day of workers at Dollar General?

Answer-4: Early morning is hurry for us but the afternoon is slow. End of the day is night time. This is how we usually spend our days.

Question-5: Please, describe your application and interview process.

Answer-5: My application was online. Then, Dollar General called me for an interview. It was my first one. The company wants to ensure that you are suitable for this position. Then, they called me to say that my application is approved.

Question-6: During the job interview, what questions did the interviewer ask?

Answer-6: The interviewer asked me about experience and job from the past, also, basic information about the company.  Then, continued with basic interview questions like, “if your friend steals something, would you tell the company?”

Question-7: Do you have another advice to give jobseekers wanting to work at Dollar General?

Answer-7: If you really want to work at this job, hold on. Build your career.

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