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Favor Delivery is an Austin, Texas-based same-day delivery and online meal ordering platform. The firm was formed in 2013 and was bought by H-E-B, a regional grocery chain located in San Antonio, Texas, in 2018. Following the purchase, Jag Bath, the CEO of Favor, was appointed chief digital officer of H-E-B while continuing to lead the company.

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Favor Jobs & Opportunities

They offer premium health, vision, dental, life and 401(k) options.


Runners are similar to personal delivery helpers that utilize the Favor platform to purchase, pick up, and deliver practically anything their clients want! Favor Runners are self-employed and have complete control over when, where, and how frequently they work. There is an active network of Texans that are pleased to support other Texans, with over 50,000 Runners around the state!

Favor Runners get 35% of the delivery fee as well as 100% of all tips. They also provide hourly guarantees of $9-10 per hour as an incentive for Runners who plan ahead of time, although most Runners make far more, with busy regions and peak hours averaging closer to $12-18 per hour.

To become a Favor Runner, you must be at least 18 years old and have the following qualifications:

  • Android or iOS device
  • Active United States Driver’s license
  • Personal vehicle* and insurance
  • To complete your direct deposit, you’ll need a bank account.

Runners may deliver in any vehicle, including automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, and scooters. In Downtown Austin cycling zone, you can only deliver by bicycle.

You may apply and start earning money the same day in certain situations! Following your application, you may be able to begin an online orientation right away. You will be activated and able to start earning money as a Favor Runner as soon as you finish orientation and pass your background check.

Chief Taco Officer

Favor is searching for a socially aware Texan to be the company’s first-ever Chief Taco Officer!

What you get

  • $10,000 for the duration of your role (June–July)
  • FREE food, accommodations, and transportation
  • FREE Favor delivery for a year and customized Favor swag
  • The summer experience of a lifetime

Who you are?

  • An experienced content creator: You’re comfortable using Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and you’re not afraid to capture and share your adventures.
  • An intrepid eater: Bean and cheese, step aside. You have an adventurous palate and are constantly willing to try new things.
  • A Texas resident above the age of 21: It’s quite self-explanatory.

How to Apply?

  1. Make a 1-minute video explaining why you should be Favor’s Chief Taco Officer and why you’re enthusiastic for the chance.
  2. Use TikTok or Instagram Reels to share your video. To be considered, your account must be public, and you must tag @favor and include the hashtag #FavorDreamJob.
  3. You’re done after you’ve completed the application form and sent the link to your video. (https://www.favordelivery.com/cto) They will take it from there and let you know whether you’ve made the finalist.

What will the responsibilities be?

You’ll travel throughout Texas from city to city, taking in the sights and eating tacos. You’ll receive tacos delivered by Favor from a variety of restaurants at at least two meal times (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) throughout your stay in each city to taste-test, review, and record your discoveries as part of your quest for the finest tacos. Favor will take care of everything, including your hotel or Airbnb, transportation, and a variety of health activities.

Experienced Jobs at Favor

Business Analytics

  • Director, Head of Business Analytics
  • Senior Analyst, Business Analytics, Texas or Remote
  • Analyst, Business Analytics

Content and Merchandising

  • Associate Manager, Merchandising Operations (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Director of Merchandising (Full Time) Texas

Creative & Brand

  • Visual Designer (Full Time) Texas or Remote


  • Director, Head of Mobile Engineering (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Android – Sr. Software Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Back End – Sr. Software Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Back End – Staff Software Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • DevOps – Sr. Software Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • iOS – Software Engineer II (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • iOS – Sr. Software Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Senior Data Engineer (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Android – Software Engineer II (Full Time) Texas or Remote


  • Senior Product Manager, Consumer Growth (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Product Manager, Integrations (Full Time) Texas or Remote
  • Product Manager, Marketplace Balance (Full Time) Texas or Remote

For detailed information and application: https://www.favordelivery.com/careers

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